Around last fall, Kiko launched their new series of lip gloss: Hydra Lip Gloss, touted as “soft lip gloss, creating shiny and plump lips.”

Hydra lip gloss comes in a long oval tube with an inner color at the bottom and a metal cap on the top. The plastic packaging feels light, but it is of high quality and durable. The brand name is written in black on the front of the color part, and the Kiko logo is embossed on the metal cap. I like the ability to be able to see the lip color tone through the tube, because it can be easier to find when you look for a specific color in your makeup collection/bag.

It has a fluffy doe foot sponge applicator, which is curved to fit the lips. It can also fix most products on the back of the applicator. You can bend it to better fit your lips. It spreads the lip gloss evenly.

The formula has good consistency because it is not too thin or too thick on the lips. The texture is very smooth and spreads evenly on the lips. It is especially good when using shades with shiny particles. The gloss adheres well to the lips and feels comfortable and not sticky. There is no thick, sticky, gathering on the lips or sinking into the lip line here!

Some are shiny and some are not shimmer. I was attracted by 27 Pearly Lavender because it mixed golden and silver shimmer. The base is soft lavender, but when you apply it on the lipstick it won’t change it anymore, just make it slightly lighter. It gives it a lot of high gloss.

If you are a lip gloss fan, you will love Kiko 3D Hydra Lipglosses. They have everything a classic lip gloss should have.




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