Kiko Creamy Colour Comfort Lip Liner is in pencil format, which I personally like. I don’t mind sharpening. Every time I polish it, I feel that it is a brand new product, haha.

It is packaged in bronze with a lining color at the end. Kiko Milano Creamy Color Comfort Lip Liner is in the form of a traditional pencil and needs to be sharpened. The lid and base are color coded. In addition, the pencil is made of gold, giving people a luxurious feel. Despite its high price, this lip pencil is not equipped with a sharpener.

Kiko Milano Creamy Color Comfort Lip Liner is like a dream. It provides full coverage with just one swipe. Although the lip liner is very smooth on application, the surface obtained is matte. This is a standalone lip liner, which means you don’t need to touch it up with lipstick.

It is completely opaque when applied. It can be used alone as a lipstick, because I do it most of the time and the effect is very good. It is comfortable, non-drying, and non-feathering. It will only subside through prolonged wearing or continuous eating and drinking (more than 5 hours).

You need to try a pencil like this! They are best friends for people with irregular or slightly symmetrical lips, or for people who just like to extend the life of lipsticks.




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