This series of bronzers has been part of Kiko’s permanent collection for several months. It features a metal packaging with a magnetic closure and a monogram engraved on the lid. It is featured in Fusion Trio blush, Radiant Fusion powder and compact foundation cream. It is also very common in China.

The compact type contains 12gr products and a large mirror, which is convenient for modification and practical application. The formula is rich in vitamin E and argan oil to nourish and protect the skin.

I think: it is a very high-quality bronzing powder, and the duration on the skin is also very satisfactory.

There are 6 colors in this series, all matte, as the name suggests, aiming to create a uniform tan appearance without blemishes.

The bronzer creates an even skin tone and is rich in vitamin E and argan oil, which has nourishing and protective properties.

The super fine texture is easy to brush on. Color develops instantly, adheres to the skin, and naturally and evenly outlines the contours of the face. It feels very silky to the touch.

The bronze color is modern and compact, with a bronze finish and the KK logo engraved on the cover. The case is equipped with a magnetic clasp and an inner mirror.

I like this style of Kiko packaging very much-the sleek bronze compact, with a magnetic closure, and a beautiful mirror inside. It is comparable to high-end packaging. The best part is that the products inside are equally impressive!

It works on pure layers, so you can build it to the desired opacity-this formula is hard to mess up. highly recommended! ! !




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