Only when I was really passionate about makeup and started to learn more about the subject did I realize the importance of eyebrows, so that I didn’t worry about their appearance before that.

Fortunately, there is a way. Actually, I started to walk in with a pencil just to fill it up a bit. Later, I wanted to try to completely redesign them, but they were not very practical. I needed a cheap gel product called Kiko Lasting Eyebrow Ge.

The packaging is simple and essential. It consists of a transparent glass jug that allows you to see the color of the product inside, as well as a black lid with a rounded edge and screw cap, engraved with the KK monogram. There are 6 colors to choose from. I suggest you go to the store to check it out because the colors of the website are not very faithful.

Its gel texture is firm and not overly creamy, allowing you to draw and fill your eyebrows easily and accurately. Four new, creamy but gel-based eyebrow shades can be used to create bold, full eyebrows or sparse use To get a more natural way. They can be worn for a long time-even rain, sweat or too much oil will not make this formula slip. All four shades are created to look as natural as possible in terms of coloring-you can use spools and light hand blending for a soft approach or layering for complete, eye-catching eyebrows.

I like it! Recommend to you!




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