I got the Kiko Lasting Precision Automatic Eyeliner and Kohl shades and I will introduce it to you today!

The automatic eyeliner uses a retractable twisted form, so there is no need to use a traditional pencil sharpener. You can distort and arrange the eyes easily and easily.

The eyelids match the shade of the eyeliner for easy identification in your makeup collection. There is a colored label at the end of the lining, as well as the color number to help you further identify the color number.

When you remove the cap, you can see that the top part around the pencil tip is also colored in the liner color. I like the streamlined design on these pencils.

The end of the liner can be pulled out and contains a sharpener, which can be used on the liner if the liner becomes dull over time. There is also a small smudge (protected by a small plastic cap) at the end, once applied, it can be used to smear or soften the lining.

This eyeliner is very creamy and can easily slide along the lash line. It will not pull or drag the lash line and will not smudge when applied. The tip of the pencil gives a very clear, even line. You can use it to apply fine lines along the lash line.

It is worth it! You go try it!




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