“Lip Scrub” by Kiko Milano! I’m really excited about this product. I have never seen a lip scrub that is not a jar. I really don’t like sticking my fingers into the product, you know? So far, I have not been disappointed! The scent is vanilla…not terrible haha! It makes your lips super soft!

A gentle lip scrub in the form of a lipstick, sounds ideal, doesn’t it? Jars can have their advantages, but they are usually unhygienic and you can easily put lipstick in a bag.

I care for my lips day and night, so why do you need a scrub? This is where my love for lipsticks, especially matte lipsticks, comes into play. Just like your hands, lips are a business card, especially if you choose to dress them in beautiful colors and the skin is really not well done.

This is a powerful lip balm and moisturizing treatment made of beeswax, which can be used while you sleep. It has a smooth, thick and non-sticky texture. When I wake up in the morning, my lips are very soft and I like the fact that it is tasteless and tasteless because it is used before bedtime.

I rubbed it on my lips in circular motions, then rubbed my lips together and wiped it off with a cleansing wipe. This thing smells and tastes great-like burnt sugar or toasted marshmallows. It obviously has a texture-the unique crystals in the shea butter matrix-which is perfect for removing dead skin cells.

It is great for preventing dry, chapped lips and instantly relieves them. I like that it also has SPF 15-essential for sun protection.

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