For those who are still in the dark, Kiko Long Lasting Eyeshadow Sticks should be a scam of Laura Mercier eye shadow sticks.

These are more cost-effective (especially when they go on sale), and they have more colors to choose from. There are some colors and a few neutral options.

The packaging is made of matte black plastic. I prefer this to a smooth surface because it does not leave fingerprints/smudges. The top is easy to remove, although I did encounter some (burgundy and dark grayish brown). Even though they have the same packaging, you can’t confuse the caps-for some strange reason, there are subtle differences between caps/tubes, so they are not one size fits all.

Because I like these travel-friendly and hassle-free ways to use them without having to fiddle with brushes or small sponge applicators. Just swipe on the lid, mix quickly with your fingers, and you are ready to use. Despite some creases, they hold up fairly well over the course of the day, with the primer underneath.

I like it! Have you used it?




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