Do you know kiko? I will share some good things about kiko here in the future.

Comes in a matte white tube with a shiny silver cap. Although the packaging does get dirty easily, it does look stylish!

I have been using this primer for a while since I used this primer in Kiko Haul in Lanzarote and I have always liked it.

The product itself is very clear, I like it (no white). When I took this for the first time, it looked like an Inglot Mattifying primer, and after wearing it for a while, only after I turned my head to let the light reflect, I could see that the primer side looked more matte.

Final thoughts, it is a good dewy foundation primer, it makes your skin look great, but since it is a matte primer, I really don’t understand why it can’t be paired with a matte foundation use.

I also hope it won’t dry so fast, because that might look great under a matte base. Although I don’t recommend it to people with dry skin, it seems to dry out your skin.

I think it is very suitable for people who do not need moisturizing but also matte products and just want to hide pores and smooth the texture instead of super dewy or super matte normal skin type.

Finally, I still recommend it!




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