The exquisite and precise glass nail file prevents nails from chipping and can also be used for artificial nails. The surface is always sharp, washable and non-porous.

It can easily shape the nails and prevent the nails from cracking through its ultra-fine glass sand edge. Manicure has never been so smooth-you have to try it to see the difference!

I always need a good file, which is perfect for shaping my nails and controlling the length without splitting them like using nail clippers. The best part, this file will always be with me! I really like this file, it is very gentle on natural nails.

Custom gradient and design, durable and durable glass will not wear out over time, it can be disinfected and sterilized

Comes with a black protective cover, designed to store your files and keep them clean and protected.

This nail file is much better than the one you find in the store. It is very smooth and high quality, which can trim nails quickly. I also like the color of this file and I am very satisfied with my purchase!




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