We always hope that our eyeshadow can fully show on the eyelids. Because of our efforts to complete all eye makeup, we want it to be as long as possible. The best solution to this is to invest in a good eye primer base.

Initially, the tube feels a bit stiff and thick, and we may tend to press the tube hard. So, be careful, because the tube has a nozzle, the excess primer cannot be returned to the tube.

Fix the eyeshadow base. Creamy texture made from silky and matte foundation. This supports the application and fixes the eyeshadow, making it particularly long-lasting over time. Its light pigment can neutralize the shade of the eyelids and emphasize the color of the eye shadow produced.

When applied on the primer, the eyeshadow looks brighter and darker. The performance is what I expected. The eyeshadow lasts for at least 3-4 hours more than usual.

In short, I like this very much! Recommend to you!




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