A good tool is the basic element to get a perfect makeup look. You can buy the most expensive product on the market, but it still looks strange if it is not applied correctly. I rely on a makeup sponge to apply foundation easily and perfectly, and have been testing a new product: Kiko Precision Make Up Blender.

This pink sponge has an interesting shape and can provide you with a variety of different surfaces. The large concave surface is great for applying and blending foundation on the entire face, while the flat tip is suitable for difficult corners around the eyes and nose. I really hope it has a correct point of view, because turning it right into the corner is still a bit tricky.

Sponge for applying fluid and compact foundation.

The sponge is soft to the touch and can be used easily and effectively. The special porous texture absorbs the desired amount of product and releases it evenly on the skin. Precision Make up Blender applies foundation flawlessly, without spots or streaks.

The foundation can be applied quickly and easily, making it an ideal choice when you are pressed for time. Whether you use a fluid foundation or a firming foundation, you can get a uniform makeup look. The special pointed tip can cover all angles of the face and cover up small imperfections. The concave part is very suitable for sculpting facial contours. The rounded ends are great for applying foundation evenly on the rest of the face.

The flat part allows you to apply foundation and concealer on hard-to-reach areas such as around the nose, lips and eyebrows, while the concave part allows you to easily apply foundation to facial contours, such as along the chin, chin, and cheekbones. The rounded end allows you to easily apply foundation on large areas of the face such as forehead and cheeks

The amazing blender helps to apply beautiful, very soft and easy-to-clean products. I will definitely buy again soon.




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