Introducing Kiko Radiance Boost Serum Face Base today.

The compact tubular design is very convenient for us to use and carry around. One of my favorite things about the design is the super smart ice cream dispenser, which comes in the form of a small pen that saves money and most effectively helps me adjust the amount of cream to avoid waste.

Adjusting the right amount of cream also helps me avoid undertones that are too pale compared to my skin tone. Her flexible plastic shell also limits impact, making the product more refined in black and white tones.

This remarkable composition of it is due to the extracts combined with mineral powder essences combined with antioxidants that help the skin avoid darkening, cover uneven skin tone most effectively, and nourish the skin thanks to naturally creamy shimmering particles.

The whitening effect of mineral powder, combined with the process of tightening pores and oil control, allows the skin to be more protected under the influence of the environment, and the accumulation of creamy color helps the skin to change its structure and original color. From there, this is the most effective color. In addition, vitamin E extract also helps the primer to have moisturizing power, making skin visibly smoother and more elastic, effectively anti-aging.

This cream is a light shade that helps to condition the skin. The cream has a natural and natural tone, easy to apply and a good complexion is not too noticeable on application.

As a primer, this one has a fairly moisturizing, smooth and moisturizing cream that instantly makes the skin more beautiful. However, if her skin is too dark, I don’t think the effect on the tone is high, so use foundation anyway.

Finally, I recommend you try it!

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