KIKO MILANO was established and founded in 1997 by Percassi. It is an Italian professional cosmetics brand that features a range of cutting-edge makeup, face and body treatments.

Safe and effective products of the highest quality, created to satisfy the beauty requirements of women of any age.

Upcoming events this year:

KIKO Spring SaleApril
KIKO Holiday EventNovember
KIKO Black FridayNovember 25
KIKO Cyber MondayNovember 28

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Is KIKO a drugstore brand?

And the only thing better than that is an exotic beauty product with drugstore pricing loved by celebrity makeup artists. Such is Kiko Milano, an Italian brand whose name recalls all sorts of delightful things, like Pepperidge Farm snack cookies, having a kiki, and Japanese model Kiko Mizuhara.

Is Kiko a luxury brand?

Established and founded in 1997 by Percassi, KIKO MILANO is an Italian cosmetics brand that revolutionizes the rules of cosmetics with affordable luxury.

Is KIKO vegan?

Is KIKO Milano vegan? KIKO Milano is cruelty-free but not 100% vegan, meaning that some of their products contain animal-derived ingredients.

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