This CC Cream from Kiko caught my attention.

CC Cream should correct your skin tone, and it will not provide too much coverage. It should keep your skin hydrated, reduce the signs of aging, and your pores should be less visible.

One thing that is very important to me is that this foundation is hypoallergenic, non-comedogenic and contains no preservatives.

Optical corrector to create perfect skin with smooth and even skin tone. Combined with the skin tone correction properties of CC cream. In addition, the special ingredients in Skin Trainer CC Blur can capture light and then reflect it to the face for a radiant complexion. The velvety texture is light-colored. There are four shades to choose from to meet the needs of all skin tones.

Because this foundation is non-comedogenic, it will not time your pores and will prevent your skin from fighting blackheads and acne. It is also very oil-controlling and I don’t look shiny during the day. I was deeply impressed by the staying power of this product. It stays on my face all day long without rubbing off or smudging.

I will start with a good one. It does help to form an even layer on the skin and blur blemishes to a certain extent but not very well. It leaves a matte effect on the skin and helps to control oil even if only powder is used. In this hot and humid weather, I noticed that it can easily increase the staying power of my makeup for 2-3 hours.

It has a beautiful perfume smell, I really like it, although I hope it is odorless. As far as skin compatibility is concerned, I wear it at rest and it suits my skin.




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