Because eyes speak louder than words, I always spend some extra time doing eye makeup.

Kiko Smart Colour Mascara In addition to the color, what I like about this mascara is the texture and applicator.

This mascara has a creamy, lightweight texture and is non-sticky. When I use it, it spreads smoothly and my eyelashes do not stick together. The bristles of the applicator are very soft. The size of the bristles is shorter towards the tip, which allows the applicator to reach the corner of the eye. The pigment of this mascara is medium and has a matte finish.

Now, I use this mascara directly on my original lashes and it gives me medium volume. The look it creates is full of vitality without being too loud. In addition, it dries quickly and does not harden my eyelashes.

Triangular fiber brush. The perfect combination of the thickness, density and length of the bristles guarantees the outstanding performance of this brush in terms of volume, length and clarity.

The short bristles inside the brush head can hold the product and ensure immediate release, while the longer bristles comb the eyelashes to ensure high-definition results. Super comfortable app. Even the shortest eyelashes can be applied.

Friends, it is definitely worth it!




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