Today, I will share with you my thoughts on this smart nail color by Kiko Milano. This is a very good quick-drying nail polish at an affordable price.

It comes in a transparent bottle with a black matte cap. The initials of the brand are engraved on the top of the hat. All details are mentioned on the back of the bottle. The application brush is very good and can spread the product evenly. The packaging is very beautiful and small, making it travel-friendly.

The clear glass bottle has a new modern design with a black matte cap and the KK logo embossed on the top. Thanks to the large bristle brush, you can easily take the right amount of product and apply it evenly on your nails without leaving streaks. The compact size of Smart Nail Lacquer allows you to take it with you, ensuring that you always have a salon-style nail art.

It is thick and colored, but the application is quite boring. I am spoiled by the gel formula, in this formula, even the pastel can basically cover everything evenly in one coat. Quick-drying nail polish. The special formula is rich in additives, which can fix the color in a few seconds.

The texture has ideal fluidity and can be perfectly controlled during application. The ingredients of the formula make the luster of the color stand out and bring a strong shining effect.

Staying power is already a better feature of this nail polish. It lasted a normal week without any major chips. The brush is classic.




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