Its formula is rich in protective and nourishing honey, stevia and shea butter, and yellow clay that absorbs sebum; its creamy texture makes the skin soft and radiant without making the skin feel depressed; easy to apply and fix, It will not slip off, allowing you to continue your daily life at work; it can be used alone or in combination with other clay masks to obtain more effects on different areas of the face at the same time.

The main purpose of the Yellow Clay mask is to provide nutrition to the skin and release your natural radiance. The yellow clay formula contains honey, shea butter, stevia and yellow clay that absorbs sebum. The characteristic of sebum absorption is to help remove excess oil from the skin.

My skin is very suitable for this because I have combination skin. My oily area stays in the bay and my skin feels nourished. Even if I have sensitive skin, there is no reaction after using it.

This Kiko mask is more suitable for normal skin combinations.

Kiko recommends using different clay masks on different areas of the face to get all the skin benefits.




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